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SonoPlot Announces More Dispenser Options for GIX Microplotter Instruments

Jul 2, 2012

SonoPlot has just extended the range of dispenser cartridges it sells for its GIX Microplotter instruments, and has begun selling raw glass micropipettes for use in refurbishing existing cartridges.

Previously, the company offered dispenser cartridges with glass micropipettes that had apertures of either 10 or 30 microns in diameter. With the addition of new production machinery, SonoPlot is now able to produce dispensers with any micropipette aperture size between 10 and 60 microns in diameter.

Additionally, SonoPlot now sells just the glass micropipette elements for those who wish to refurbish dispenser cartridges at their own facility. These are also available in aperture sizes ranging from 10 to 60 microns in diameter.

To place orders for dispensers or glass micropipettes, please contact sales@sonoplot.com or call (608) 824-9311.

SonoPlot and Xenon Corporation Announce Collaboration for Printed Electronics

May 4, 2012

SonoPlot, Inc., maker of the GIX Microplotter materials printers, and Xenon Corporation, the world leader in pulsed UV light technology, have announced that SonoPlot’s Middleton, WI facility is part of Xenon’s Worldwide Printed Electronics Test Center Network.

Printed electronics requires the combination of several technologies, including conductive “ink” materials, materials printers, substrates, and sintering processes to convert printed features into conductive traces. The purpose of the Printed Electronics Test Center Network is to bring these various technologies and expertise together in a given location and to demonstrate the feasibility of new ideas and processes.

SonoPlot’s Test Center provides its line of GIX Microplotter materials printers, a Xenon UV sintering system, as well as a thermal curing system. The Microplotter materials printer helps developers work with higher viscosity, higher solids content inks than is typically possible with many printing systems. This produces thicker printed features, which if sintered properly can result in improved electrical conductivity. This has opened up new applications for researchers that require small feature sizes with improved conductivity.

Researchers who would like to learn more about testing opportunities should contact SonoPlot at info@sonoplot.com.

SonoPlot Launches Custom-built GIX Microplotter Enclosures

Apr 14, 2012

SonoPlot’s GIX Microplotter instruments are used in a variety of applications. For some of these, there is a need to control the local environment in which printing takes place.

To this end, SonoPlot is pleased to announce the availability of custom-built enclosures for the GIX Microplotter instruments. The enclosures are made of transparent acrylic and offer several important features:

  • a removable top piece that allows for easier instrument installation.
  • clear walls and ceiling provide observation and inspection of the instrument and work process.
  • the transparent acrylic enclosure allows ambient light in, so there is no need for supplemental light fixtures.
  • each is built to order in the size required.

These enclosures are available starting today, with 2-3 week delivery times.

SonoPlot Updates GIX Microplotter II

Dec 1, 2011

SonoPlot, Inc. has announced an update to its top-selling GIX Microplotter II system at the Printed Electronics USA 2011 conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Since its introduction in late 2009, the GIX Microplotter II has provided high-precision microscale printing of a wide range of liquids at an affordable price. It employs controlled ultrasonics to dispense liquids for such applications as printed microcircuitry, rapid prototyping, and biological research.

SonoPlot has completely overhauled the hardware behind the GIX Microplotter II, leading to more precise drawing. Higher resolution motors and improved positioning stages mean that lines and other continuous features are printed smoothly, with sharp edges.

"For two years, the GIX Microplotter II has met the needs of those looking for precise materials printing at a reasonable price," said Brad Larson, Chief Technology Officer of SonoPlot, Inc. "We've now been able to improve the performance of this system while keeping it just as affordable."

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