About Us

SonoPlot designs and sells Microplotter® materials dispensing systems for drawing features as small as 10 to 20 microns. Our patented ultrasonic dispensing technology enables true contiguous lines for superior conductive traces and enables the deposition of a wide range of materials, including solutions containing graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanoparticles, and polymers. This technology allows the Microplotter® to print inks with viscosities up to 450 cP without the hassle of tuning them to the printer. Integrated digital video and precise positioning allow for accurate alignment and dispensing on substrates. The Microplotter® systems provide unparalleled price per capability in the market.


Brad Larson, Ph.D., Co-founder & CEO
Brad has several years of experience in engineering, materials science and software development. Brad holds two patents in the area of fluid deposition and cold plasma treatment and developed the technology that SonoPlot is based upon.

Brad earned a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and a master's and doctoral degrees in Materials Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Pete Johnson, Director
Pete Johnson has over 20 years of sales, marketing and technical experience in rapid-growth technology companies. Pete is currently VP of Business Development at zSpace, a leading virtual reality company. Previously, Pete was Director of Worldwide Marketing and Strategy for Xpedion Design Systems, acquired by Agilent Technologies. Before Xpedion, Pete held various sales and marketing roles with Escalade, acquired by Mentor Graphics. Before that, Pete held several positions at LSI Logic. Pete has also served as a business strategy consultant for several companies.

Pete earned a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Glen Donald, Director
Glen has more than 30 years of sales, marketing, business development and management experience in technology-based companies. Previously, Glen was Vice President of Third Wave Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TWTI) and General Manager of Third Wave's Agbio business. Prior to that Glen was Vice President of Marketing and member of the North American Management Team for Hoechst Agriculture Division. Glen earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture from the University of Saskatchewan.

David Sneider, Director
David Sneider is a seasoned financial executive who, during his career, contributed significantly to the financial success of many early start-ups, taking them to successful exits including IPO.

Most recently Mr. Sneider served as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Nerites Corporation, a venture capital financed company which developed medical devices to aid tissue repair, speed surgical times and reduce postoperative complications. During Mr. Sneider’s tenure, Nerites raised in excess of $12,000,000. Nerites was acquired in 2011 by Kensey Nash Corporation.

From 2006 until 2008, Mr. Sneider served as Vice President and Chief Business Officer of Cellular Dynamics International, Inc. Cellular Dynamics products provide industrialized quantities of genetically diverse, terminally differentiated human cells enabling basic research, efficient drug discovery programs and reliably predictive toxicity and efficacy screening through in vitro clinical trials. Previously, Mr. Sneider had been Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of NimbleGen Systems Inc from 2000 to 2006. NimbleGen was acquired by Roche Diagnostics for $272 million. Before that Mr. Sneider was the Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of Third Wave Technologies, Inc. (TWTI: NASDAQ), from 1997 to 2000. Earlier in his career, Mr. Sneider was Chief Financial Officer, Secretary and Treasurer of Tellabs, Inc. (TLAB: NASDAQ) where he oversaw two public stock offerings including its initial public offering.

Currently, Mr. Sneider serves as advisor to Flex Biomedical, Inc. which is developing novel treatments and diagnostics for orthopedic diseases and as a board member of Aurora Spectral Technologies which offers a state-of-the-art two photon micro-spectroscopy system capable of generating unparalleled data for biological and biophysical research. Both companies are financed by angel investors.

Kirk Hogan, M.D., J.D., Co-founder

Dr. Hogan has received the following awards: the B.B. Sankey Anesthesia Advancement Award (International Anesthesia Research Society), the Foundation for Anesthesia Education and Research (FAER) Award, the Carl F. Koller Research Award (American Society of Regional Anesthesia), the Doris Duke Innovation in Clinical Research Award, the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation Anesthesia Healthcare Partners Award, Best Doctors in America, and the American Bar Association Bureau of National Affairs Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property. He has more than 100 research publications. He received a B.S. in Biology from UW-Madison, and both an M.D. and J.D. from UW-Madison. Dr. Hogan has been certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology, and is a registered U.S. patent attorney. His research focuses on pharmaco-epigenomics, and the effects of anesthesia, surgery and genetics on the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

Max Lagally, Ph.D., Co-founder
Max is a co-founder of SonoPlot and a co-inventor of the Company's fluid dispensing and plasma treatment technologies. He is also the Erwin W. Mueller Professor of Materials Science and Physics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In 1997 Max co-founded nPoint, Inc. (formerly PIEZOMAX Technologies, Inc.), a company that designs and manufactures high-precision nanopositioning devices and nanoprobes sold to the semiconductor, defense and research markets. Dr. Lagally is a fellow of the American Physical Society, the American Vacuum Society, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the Australian Institute of Physics and a member of the German National Academy of Science Leopoldina and the National Academy of Engineering. The awards and honors he has received include the Medard W. Welch Award (American Vacuum Society), the David Adler Lectureship Award (American Physical Society), the Davisson-Germer Prize (American Physical Society), the MRS Medal (Materials Research Society), the Tibbetts Award, (SBA), the Humboldt Senior Research Fellowship (Forschungszentrum, Germany), and the Outstanding Science Alumnus Award, (Pennsylvania State University). He has more than 300 research publications, 3 patents, 6 patents pending or provisional patent applications, 8 disclosures, and is the editor or coeditor of 4 books. He has graduated 40 Ph.D. or M.S. students and currently advises 10 graduate students. Dr. Lagally received a B.S. in Physics from Pennsylvania State University and a Ph.D. in Solid-State Physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Mike Treble, Co-founder
Mike is a co-founder of SonoPlot and President of the Ibis division of Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Ibis is engaged in building biosensors for Biowarfare and Infectious Disease analysis. He served as President, CEO and Director of NimbleGen Systems, Inc., from September 2000 to March 2003. NimbleGen is a genomics-based company that produces high-density, custom DNA arrays for academic, Bio-Pharm, and Ag-bio applications. From July 1995 to July 2000, Mr. Treble was the Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Director of Third Wave Technologies, Inc. (NASDQ: TWTI), a clinical genomics company. Mr. Treble was Chairman of the Board and a principal shareholder of Genetic Models, Inc., a supplier of genetically derived lab animals exhibiting human traits of hypertension and diabetes, which Mr. Treble co-founded in 1991. Genetic Models was sold to Charles River Laboratories, Inc. in 2001. Prior to Mr. Treble's involvement in Genetic Models, Inc., he was an executive with A.M. Diagnostics, Inc (1987-1991), a publicly traded international analytical and clinical chemistry systems manufacturer, where he served as CEO (1990-1991). His prior positions include Director of Marketing and Field Services for Roche Diagnostics and Marketing Manager for Abbott Diagnostics. Mr. Treble holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Canisius College and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Buffalo.