Ink Partners

The Microplotter’s unique ultrasonic liquid dispensing technology lets it print a wide variety of inks, including every ink that a standard inkjet can, plus a wide range of additional ink formulations. Inks with viscosities from 0 centipoise up to 450 centipoise are supported, as are suspensions with particles ranging from nanometers to up to 15 microns in size. Aqueous solutions work well, as do ones with organic solvents that are less volatile than toluene.

Here are some commercially available materials that work very well with SonoPlot’s Microplotter systems:


Provides a wide array of organic and nanoparticle inks, polymers and graphene for bioelectronics, sensors and printed electronic applications.


Provides a complete solution of silver nanoparticle ink, dielectrics, organic semiconductor and nanotube solutions.

Applied Nanotech

A portfolio of high performance low cost nanoparticle inks and pastes to address the needs of the emerging printed electronics industry.

Promethan Particles

Promethean Particles owns the world’s largest continuous multi-nanomaterials production plant and specializes in conductive dispersions such as nano-copper and nano-silver compatible with various printing methods and a large range of substrates.


Electrically conductive polymer compounds, composite materials, elastomers, coatings, battery electrodes and inks.

Creative Materials

Develops and manufactures adhesives, coatings and inks, including a large number of standard and custom formulations.


Develop, manufacture and sell specialized inks for a wide variety of existing and emerging applications in the photovoltaic, automotive, biomedical device, military, and consumer products markets


Based on our know-how in the fine chemistry of nano-particle level and technology for inkjet applications InkTec has finished the development of silver conductive inks.

Johnson Matthey

A leading global supplier of a diverse range of silver products and other electrically conductive coatings.


Metalon® conductive inks capitalize on advanced materials and formulation to provide conductivity options for additive manufacturing of printed electronics like photovoltaic devices, RFID, smart cards/labels, displays, and advanced packaging.

UT Dots

Manufactures and sells conductive silver, gold and platinum nanoparticles for printed electronics – conductive nanoinks